Beat the Burglar

Cabra Community Policing Forum Response to Burglaries

In response to recent concerns from the community about burglaries, Cabra Community Policing Forum has launched a new ‘Beat the Burglar’ campaign.


The aim of the campaign is to create awareness and provide useful advice and crime prevention information.


The campaign will consist of the distribution of leaflets to all households in the Cabra area, Garda safety talks and a poster campaign in all community and business facilities in the area. The ‘Beat the Burglar’ campaign contains a range of useful tips and advice in an attempt to stop local houses becoming easy targets for burglars. One of the key messages in the campaign is the importance of locking all windows and doors when leaving the house.


To emphasise this message, Cabra Community Policing Forum has designed an eye-catching reminder in the form of a sticker and would urge all householders to place this sticker on the inside of the front door. The campaign also urges residents to look out for each other and be good neighbours and report anything suspicious to the Gardai.


For further information on the ‘Beat the Burglar’ campaign please click here.


For further information on Cabra Community Policing Forum, please contact Mr Niall Counihan. Tel: 0861743278