Dublin Central Area Joint Policing Sub-Committee

Cabra Community Policing Forum attends the Dublin Central Area Joint Policing Sub-Committee. This committee meets quarterly and is attended by the Central Area City Councillors, Oireachtas members, senior members of An Garda Síochána and Dublin City Council staff. The committee covers the forum area and two community representatives also attend these meetings.

The community representatives are the link between the Policing Forum and the Joint Policing Sub-Committee. They bring issues from the Policing Forum to the Joint Policing Sub-Committee. They also bring information back to the residents on matters of concern to residents in the area.

Additional Information on Joint Policing Sub committee

Joint Policing Committees

Joint Policing Committees were established in local authority areas following a directive from the Department of Justice, heritage and Law Reform. Following the evaluation of the pilot phase, the roll out of committees to all 114 City, County and Town Council areas started in 2008.

The purpose of these committees is to provide a forum where a local authority and the senior Garda officers responsible for the policing of that area, with the participation of Oireachtas members and community interests, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the area.

Joint Policing Committees are required to make an annual report of their activities to the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform. This will allow for monitoring of the progress being made by committees and consideration of the key issues, which may emerge from the work of the committee.

Available to Download: Joint Policing Committee Guidelines