Finglas Cabra Local Drugs Task Force SNAP Campaign

Finglas Cabra Local Drugs Task Force (LDTF) commissioned AXIS Ballymun to produce a theatrical piece, which aimed to stimulate discussion and debate and raise awareness in the community of problems that are being generated by the misuse of prescription drugs.


The play titled ‘Bubble’ was performed at various venues in Finglas and Cabra during December 2012. In Cabra there was two performances one for local secondary schools in John Paul Park and also a community performance in Christ the King Hall.


Feedback from attendees was extremely positive with many noting that the play was a very innovative and effective way of creating awareness around this issue which affects many communities.


Plans are underway for the play to be shown later in 2013. The play ‘Bubble’ is a continuance of the SNAP drug supply awareness campaign that has been on going in the LDTF area since 2000.

SNAP is a collaborative initiative involving the community, Gardaí, Dublin City Council and the LDTF.


For further information on this initiative, please contact Finglas Cabra Local Drugs Task Force Tel: 01830 7440.